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The Ultimate Portrait Photography Bundle is Here!

With interactive training and tools from the world’s leading artists & instructors, your step-by-step journey to portraiture mastery starts now!

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Meet the Creators

Join 3+ Million Students Learning from the Best!
Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes

Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer.

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis

Nikon Ambassador and most awarded wedding photographer of all time.

Kelvin Pimont

Kelvin Pimont

Award-winning Creative Director and industry leading educator.

Kristina Sherk

Kristina Sherk

Award-winning master photographer, retoucher and Adobe instructor.

Dare Cinema

Dare Cinema

Award-winning film & TV director, writer and producer.

More than 32 Hours of Training

With in-depth masterclasses taking you from the basics to advanced, but easy-to-learn techniques, start capturing masterpieces every time.

Thousands of Editing Tools

Access a massive library of powerful tools that will allow you to create art that stands out from the crowd in seconds!

Save Over 98%

Get it all for less with a huge saving on the combined cost of each product in the Creator Foundry Portrait Photography Mega Bundle.

What’s Exciting?

We’ve covered everything, no stone unturned.
Master Portraiture

Learn how to create gallery-worthy photos in any situation, with any subject, using the camera you already own.

The Basics

The key to stunning works of art? Nailing the basics - we’ve got you covered. With the basics in place, you’ll know the right steps to take!


Master posing and feel 100% confident in posing any subject. People will be begging to be photographed by you.

Tips & Tricks

This isn’t about memorizing steps, it’s about giving you processes that work. You’ll build on these and develop your own style!

“Pro” Techniques

Discover the techniques used by multi-award-winning photographers that will catapult your art to new heights.


From changing a background to adding or removing elements quickly and easily, improving your portraiture has never been so easy!

Photo Retouching

You'll learn to process your images the right way. (99% of photographers, creators, and photo editors make the same mistakes.)

The Tools You NEED

Often it only takes one click. These tools will give your art a mind-bending and professional edge over everyone else!

Take a Closer Look

9 full-length masterclasses and 15 complete collections of tools.

9 Masterclasses

Go behind the lens with our artists and learn their hard-won techniques for creating dramatic, atmospheric, and artistic images. You’ll learn how to master lighting, posing, your camera, and retouching to unlock your full artistic ability.

118 Easy-To-Follow Modules

To help you absorb as much information as possible, our curriculum is broken into 118 modules. This means you can come back and re-study any specific area with ease in the future.

15 Collections of Retouching Tools

With over 1000 high-definition and professionally curated tools, creating masterful portraits has never been easier. Whether you want to retouch an image in seconds or add drama and story to your portraits, the sky is truly the limit!

More Content - Less Searching

It might be big, but we’ve made it easy to get started and find the solutions you need fast.
Easy Lifetime Access

Stream or download from any device with our one-stop hub for creativity. This is a one-time purchase that you can enjoy for years.

Full Curriculum

Study and learn at your own pace using our library. Your spot will always be saved to pick up where you left off.

Detailed List of Contents

If you’re a stickler for details, you’re going to love this.

One Light Masterclass

JOEL GRIMES | 18 Lessons | 5H 24M

$197 included

Crack the code to lighting once and for all. Learn the basics of how light works, and you can then replicate any lighting technique on the planet. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to master lighting and use it in your everyday shooting without having your brain explode!

Portrait Photography on Location

JOEL GRIMES | 7 Lessons | 5H 33M

$397 included

Join Joel Grimes in the field as he shoots some of his most iconic images. You’ll learn step by step everything from technical shooting details through the entire retouching workflow. This means you’ll have foolproof workflows for creating iconic images of your own.

Gallery B&W Portraits with Lightroom Course

KELVIN PIMONT | 7 Lessons | 1H 38M

$97 included

Follow along with ten start-to-finish projects where you’ll learn to use an array of powerful tools and techniques in Lightroom. With all the source files included, you’ll learn exactly how to create gallery-worthy edits of your own portraits.

The Pose

JERRY GHIONIS | 27 Lessons | 12H 11M

$399 included

Master the art of posing your subjects. From portraits to group shots, learn how to pose anyone in a way that flatters, creates emotion, and tells a story. Go in-depth with a couple, shooting in various settings and poses. You’ll even learn how to use your subjects’ hands as part of the story!

Concept to Execution - Queen Klare


$97 included

From brainstorming the idea - wardrobe and styling - to the full live shoot - posing, lighting, and camera work - learn Jerry Ghionis’ entire process from concept to execution. This is the process you need to turn any idea into a reality as a photographer.

Beginning Photography

Dare Cinema | 33 Lessons | 3H 54M

$157 included

Master Photography from the ground up, starting with the basics of camera terminology to understanding photography theory. This four-hour course, split into 33 lessons, will teach you the essentials of photography that every photographer uses today. This is one of the best ways to learn photography!

Portrait Retouching

Kristina Sherk | 8 Lessons | 1H 4M

$87 included

Learn the magic formulas for creating professional-level retouching in your portraits. Being able to unleash the full power of Lightroom when you are retouching your portraits is going to be an absolute game-changer!

Portrait Retouching Quickstart

Kristina Sherk | 6 Lesson | 1H 0M

$87 included

Get a rapid overview of Lightroom and discover the most powerful features for creating a fast and efficient portrait retouching workflow of your own.

Face Retouching with Liquify

Kristina Sherk | 7 Lesson | 39M

$97 included

The new AI Photoshop features have incredible face retouching tools for photographers. In this course, you’ll learn how to harness the power of Liquify to manipulate your images in new and unique ways.

Gallery Black & White Lightroom Presets

Kelvin Pimont | 65 One-Click Presets

$79 included

Quickly and easily bring life and drama to an image. With 65 different looks available with the click of a mouse, getting your image 95% of the way to finished in seconds is going to revolutionize your editing workflow.

Crystals Overlays


$79 included

This pack includes 122 amazing Crystal Overlays to give any dull images light, texture, depth, and movement! These overlays will allow you to drastically change your image’s mood and create magic in just a few clicks!

Light Particles Overlays


$79 included

Light your portraits on fire! This package includes 37 high-resolution Light Particles Overlays to add a sense of movement and life to your portraits, saving you countless hours on your retouching.

Refractions Overlays


$79 included

Add a sense of warmth or cold to your portraits with this massive collection of refractions. With a couple of clicks, you completely transform your portraits and, in some cases, save an otherwise unusable photo!

Sparkles Overlays


$79 included

Heat up your portraits with this pack of 16 high-resolution photographs of sparks designed to add dynamic foreground elements to your images quickly. Shot in an array of angles, you will create provoking masterpieces!

Directional Light Overlays


$79 included

This pack includes 120 unique directional light overlays to give any flat images a dramatic light source with texture adding depth and movement! These overlays will allow you to drastically change your image’s mood and create magic in just a few clicks!

Light Ray Overlays


$79 included

Adding Light Rays is an incredibly easy way to add character and drama to any image. This package includes 180 high-resolution light ray overlays in three collections of warm, cool, and neutraL. Add a sense of depth and life to your composites.

Mist Overlays


$79 included

You can easily add depth and style to any image by simply dragging and dropping one of these 44 mist overlays, putting it in soft light or screen mode.

Smoke Overlays


$79 included

Heat up your composites with this pack of 64 high-resolution photographs of smoke designed to quickly add dynamic foreground elements to your images. Shot in an array of angles, you will create mind-blowing art!

Shadow Overlays Vol 1 - Interior


$79 included

This pack will become one of your favorites, using the completely new Neural Filters to add incredible shadows and lights. And they are fun to use! These 39 interior shadows make any interior shot completely new and unique.

Shadow Overlays Vol 1 - Exterior


$79 included

This pack contains 37 exterior shadows and lights, when using these with Photoshop’s new Neural Filters it is one of the most powerful ways to create a dramatic composite. It feels like using Photoshop in the year 3000!

Bokeh Overlays


$79 included

Adding one of these 52 bokeh overlays near your lights or light sources helps create realism and depth. They’re so easy to add; simply drag & drop and change the blending mode to “hard light” or even “overlay”. These are fun and super easy to use!

Crystal Mix Overlays


$79 included

This pack of 73 multicolored lights and refractions work amazingly well on both portraits and composites. They add detailed light sources and colors to a scene that would otherwise be flat and dull. Sometimes, all you’re missing is a little color and light!

Cinema Presets

Kelvin Pimont | 60 Photoshop Presets

$79 included

Designed around the mysterious and inspiring coloration of movies, there is also a collection of duotone presets so you can create interesting and unique looks at the click of a mouse.

Analog Film Presets

Kelvin Pimont | 60 Photoshop Presets

$79 included

Whether you are looking for a black and white or color edit these presets will add the character and charm of analog film to every image so you can instantly transform an image and transport the viewer back in time.

About the artists

Why did we pick these educators?
Joel Grimes

Canon Explorer of Light, Joel is a multi-award-winning fine art and advertising photographer. Joel has taught hundreds of thousands of photographers both online and on the most prestigious stages in the industry. Joel’s teaching style is a show-all behind the scenes approach. His passion for photography and teaching is both fun and inspiring!

Kelvin Designs

With a graphic design career that spans twenty years, Kelvin’s art has been used by huge brands such as Chanel, Disney, and Perrier. As an educator, Kelvin has amassed a huge following for his easy-to-learn follow along approach to turning any idea into a reality in Photoshop.

Jerry Ghionis

A Nikon Ambassador, Jerry is widely celebrated as being among the best wedding photographers in the world. He has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the 21st century. Learning from Jerry is akin to carrying the camera bags and learning from one of the masters.

Shark Pixel

For the past 15 years, Kristina Sherk has been a retoucher and Photoshop educator based out of Washington, D.C. She loves “translating Photoshop” for photographers and subsequently, has spoken at CreativeLive, Photoshop World, KelbyOne, Adobe, Canon, LinkedIn Learning, ImagingUSA, and WPPI. Kristina’s ability to actually teach retouching to anyone is second to none.

Dare Cinema

Darius Wilhere is a true artist, storyteller, and luckily for you an incredible teacher. Darius’ ability to break down confusing concepts into learnable and usable workflows makes learning photography, videography, filmmaking, and editing easier than ever before. His impressive resumé includes work for Netflix, Paramount, and Warner Brothers to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions and issues.

The Best Portrait Photography Bundle is here!


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