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The Ultimate Landscape Photography Bundle is Here!

With interactive training and tools from the world’s leading photography instructors, your step-by-step journey to Landscape mastery starts now!

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Meet the Creators

Join 3+ Million Students Learning from the Best!
Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes

Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer.

William Patino

William Patino

Award-winning landscape photographer and passionate educator.

Michael Shainblum

Michael Shainblum

Award-winning and internationally renowned photographer.

Kelvin Pimont

Kelvin Pimont

Award-winning Creative Director and industry leading educator.

More than 36 Hours of Training

From mastering your camera through advanced techniques and everything in between. Learn every step with our easy-to-follow training!

Hundreds of Photoshop Tools

Get the looks you want in seconds, saving you hours of editing so you can focus on the final touches!

Save Over 78%

Get it all for less with a huge saving on the combined cost of each product in the Creator Foundry Landscape Photography Mastery Mega Bundle.

What’s Inside?

We’ve covered everything, no stone unturned.
Master The Basics

The most forgotten aspect of learning photography? The basics. Learn the key information that will be the foundation of your art.

Master Editing

You'll learn to process your images the right way. (99% of photographers, creators, and photo editors make the same mistakes.)

Mastering Light

Learn how to look for, predict, capture, and improve light in your photos.

Master Composition

Discover the techniques and strategies for approaching a scene that will guarantee maximum depth, drama, and dimension.

Powerful Tools You NEED

Often it only takes one click. These tools will give your art a mind-bending and professional edge over everyone else!

Tips & Tricks

This isn’t about memorizing steps, it’s about giving you processes that work. You’ll build on these and develop your own style!

Take a Closer Look Inside

The Landscape Photography Mastery Mega Bundle includes 9 full-length masterclasses and 13 complete collections of tools.

9 In-Depth Masterclasses

Join our world-renowned instructors in the field and in the studio. You’ll learn every technique you need to create your best art yet!

133 Easy-To-Follow Modules

To help you absorb as much information as possible, our curriculum is broken into 133 modules. This means you can return and re-study any specific area easily in the future.

13 Collections of Editing Tools

With over 300 high-definition and professionally curated tools, creating effects and drama has never been easier. From adding the atmosphere of mist and fog to conjuring beautiful light on your images, having every tool you need will transform your art forever.

More Content, Less Searching

It might be big, but we’ve made it easy to get started and find the solutions you need fast.
Easy Lifetime Access

Stream or download from any device with our one-stop hub for creativity. This is a one-time purchase that you can enjoy for years.

Full Curriculum

Study and learn at your own pace using our library. Your spot will always be saved to pick up where you left off.

Detailed List of Contents

If you’re a stickler for details, you’re going to love this.

Zero-to-Hero Crash Course


$97 included

Go from beginner to Landscape Photography Legend (without spending years learning or buying $1000s of new equipment). In this course, you’ll learn the core fundamentals of landscape photography, how to use the full power of your camera and how to edit your images like a pro.

William Patino's Masterclass


$397 included

Starting with breaking down the confusing theories in photography, like composition and light, through live shoots out in the field, through to a full retouch. This is my entire process broken down into an effective and easy-to-learn masterclass.

Lightroom Masterclass


$197 included

Get the most from your photos and master Lightroom. This masterclass will answer any question you’ve ever had when it comes to editing your landscape images.

Joel Grimes' Masterclass

Joel Grimes | 28 LESSONS | 7H 45M

$197 included

With close to 8 hours of training, both out in the field and in the studio, discover in great detail how to connect with nature using the right techniques and master retouching to create dramatic, imposing, and artistic final images.

Black & White


$47 included

This course follows Joel from start to finish on how he photographed and post-processed this black and white image of a saguaro cactus in the Arizona desert. Learn how to overpower the sun and illuminate your subject while underexposing the background.

Exposure Blending


$197 included

In this course, you’ll learn a broad range of skills for creating beautiful landscape images with impact and depth. Sometimes the conditions just aren’t perfect. Learn how to pick gorgeous elements from multiple exposures to create an incredible final image.

Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

Michael Shainblum | 4 LESSONS | 45M

$57 included

In this course, learn how to edit your first photo, step-by-step. If Lightroom seems confusing to you, and post-production is a long, painful process... In this course, you'll learn how to understand all the filters, tools, sliders, and settings in Lightroom.

Capturing Magic Light at Sunset

William Patino | 11 LESSONS | 1H 27M

$97 included

Go start to finish on a once-in-a-lifetime weather day at Milford Sound. See how to capture an amazing sunset in this usually rain-filled place. Learn how to shoot and process an image at sunset, using light, contrast, and composition to improve your shots.

Creating Atmosphere in Landscape Photography

William Patino | 10 LESSONS | 1H 35M

$97 included

Learn step-by-step simple yet powerful RAW file adjustments in Photoshop for boosting tones, dynamic range, and creating atmosphere. You’ll also see how to blend together a focus stack for an infinite depth of field and how to enhance sunlight on any landscape!

Rain & Splash

Kelvin Pimont | 20 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

This package includes 20 Photoshop Brushes for creating rain, splashes & puddles. Photoshop Brushes are a fun and easy way to get creative with your photo & add special effects. These rain brushes are designed to be easy to use. Simply select the brush and start adding in water effects to enhance your landscape photo or composition.

Clouds & Skies

Kelvin Pimont | 20 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

This pack includes 20 Photoshop Brushes for filling your whole sky with clouds, or simply clicking to add a few! You’ll also receive two bonus brushes for adding stars and effects in a night sky.

Snow & Lightning

Kelvin Pimont | 18 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Unique Photoshop brushes for creating magical snow. These custom-made brushes are made to look like real snow in various shapes, textures, and sizes. Whether you want falling snow or fluffy piles, you’ll be able to create the magical scene you desire with these tools.

Dodge & Burn

Kelvin Pimont | 16 Lightroom Brushes

$79 included

This pack of 16 dodge & burn Brush Presets will give you a wide palette of tools that are designed to fix specific problems; a dull sky, uninteresting shadows, too much light, and much more. You’ll be able to lighten and darken elements in a photo to take control of the viewer’s attention and create amazing images.


Kelvin Pimont | 14 Lightroom Brushes Brushes

$79 included

This pack of 14 Lightroom Brush Presets is designed to adjust or enhance your landscape photography. From adding fog or other effects to manipulating focus & depth.

Sky Backgrounds

Kelvin Pimont | 30 High-Resolution Skies

$79 included

With 30 high-resolution .dng files to choose from, you can quickly add clouds to an empty sky, wild and dramatic weather where there was none or simply add texture to what was already there.

Mist Overlays

KELVIN PIMONT | 65 High-Resolution Overlays

$79 included

You can easily add depth and style to any image by simply dragging and dropping one of these 44 mist overlays, putting it in soft light or screen mode. With a couple of clicks, you completely transform your composites and sometimes save an otherwise unusable image!

Daytime Skies

Pixel Bubble | 25 High-Resolution Skies

$79 included

Twenty-five daytime sky images from all around the globe to use in landscapes, portraits, architecture, and more. Use these to add texture and atmosphere to your image.

Urban Backdrops

Pixel Bubble | 42 High-Resolution Skies

$79 included

With a set of 42 high-resolution photographs, you can add color and impact to your composites. Using these backgrounds transforms the mood of your project instantly to another level.

Dramatic Clouds & Skies

Pixel Bubble | 26 High-Resolution Sky Elements

$79 included

26 high-resolution images to glorify your subjects and WOW your friends, family, or clients! These are fun and creative tools that will help you take your images in new and interesting directions in seconds.

About the artists

Why did we pick these educators?
William Patino

William is an award-winning landscape photographer with a passion for exploration and capturing the wilderness. An avid teacher, Will’s training will leave you both able and inspired to go out and create the best images of your life.

Joel Grimes

Canon Explorer of Light, Joel is a multi-award-winning fine art and advertising photographer. Joel has taught hundreds of thousands of photographers both online and on the most prestigious stages in the industry. Joel’s teaching style is a show-all behind the scenes approach. His passion for photography and teaching is both fun and inspiring!

Michael Shainblum

With his incredible work featured in countless publications including National Geographic and Wired Magazine, Michael is one of the most prolific contemporary landscape photographers of our time. Michael is equally devoted to educating other artists to increase their skills.

Kelvin Designs

With a graphic design career that spans twenty years, Kelvin’s art has been used by huge brands such as Chanel, Disney, and Perrier. As an educator, Kelvin has amassed a huge following for his easy-to-learn follow along approach to turning any idea into a reality in Photoshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions and issues.

The Best Landscape Photography Bundle is here!


$99 $2,331