Over 680 Special Effects and 19 Hours of Pro Training!

Photoshop SFX Engine Pro™ includes 17 collections of Hollywood style effects such as flames, embers, light rays, textured light effects, glow actions, smoke effects, concrete, paper, and wood textures, and so much more.
You'll also get over 19 hours of Portrait Composite training with our included Masterclass!
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Why Choose Photoshop SFX Engine Pro

Play with Special Effects

Create incredible images with these high-quality special effects tools. Add light rays, flames, smoke, and embers to enhance a moody street scene. Add clouds, a moon, or northern lights to take your landscape images to the next level! With over 680 tools, the options are endless.

Hassle-free Installation

Photoshop SFX Engine Pro™ was designed for Adobe Photoshop on both Mac and Windows computers. After your simple installation, you'll have access to hundreds of powerful tools directly in Photoshop. Add special effects tools to your arsenal that will change your workflow forever.

Intuitive User Experience

Photoshop SFX Engine Pro™ puts hundreds of effects right into Photoshop so you can create amazing special effects with ease. Simply select an effect you want to add, and voila! It also comes with some tutorials to help you take your art to the next level.

Adjustable Filters

Make these effects match your vision with a wide variety of customization options. Adjust how the effects interact with your art going from full fled strength to mild adjustments making the tools work exctly as you want it.

Image Gallery

Photoshop SFX Engine Pro Sneak Peak

Over 680 tools made exclusively for creating special effects in Photoshop.

166 Flames Effects

19 Smoke & Glow Effects

90 Lighting Effects

96 Paper Texture Effects

63 Special Effects Brushes

75 Ember Effects

71 Practical Light Overlays

45 Wood Texture Effects

58 Concrete Texture Effects

Portrait Composite Masterclass

In this BONUS masterclass, learn what it takes to create stunning composites. Includes camera & lighting setups, working with a model, post-processing, and creating composites - It's all covered. With our limited-time offer, this course that retails for $299 is INCLUDED! Over 19 hours of training of pro training!

Customer Support

Get any question answered with our dedicated support team. We'll help you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter. We're here to ensure your experience with Photoshop SFX Engine Pro™ is seamless and enjoyable.




19+ Hours



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Start transforming your images into breathtaking masterpieces. With our limited-time offer of just $37 (retail price: $1,563), now is the perfect time to upgrade your creative toolbox. Over 680 effects plus 19 hours training!


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Customer Testimonials

- Carl O.
"I make a lot of composites and these brushes have been incredible. Things that would take me hours before are now done in a few clicks."

- Kaylee Y.
"The portrait masterclass, made a HUGE difference in my results! Instant gratification, I’m so happy I purchased this toolset!!"

- Andrew E.
"I’m so happy with what I can do with these brushes. I’m always blown away by how realistic the effects are. Awesome stuff!!!"

- Luka V.
"I’ve bought a lot of brushes and presets in the past from many sources. This array of tools is by far the best quality I’ve seen. Also an amazing price point for the huge selection!"

- Sarah C.
"I’ve always been a bit scared of using tricks like this. But wow, not only are they super easy to apply, the final look on my photos is epic! I’m really happy I took the leap on this package."