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Montage Maker Studio™ includes 20 collections of 1297 tools, such as Lighting Effects, Foreground & Shadow Overlays, BackgroundsPhotoshop Brushes, and so much more.
To help you even more, we are including a 2-hour Compositing for Photographers Masterclass in the bundle!
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Why choose Montage Maker Studio

Composites Made Easy

With Montage Maker Studio™ you can add lighting, change the background, or add people to a landscape image with a few easy clicks.

Creativity at Your Fingertips

Montage Maker Studio™ puts almost 1300 effects right into Photoshop making it user-friendly, so you can start creating right away.

Bonus Masterclass

Photoshop Expert, Kristina Sherk teaches you how to create incredible composites in her Masterclass made just for Photographers.

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Photoshop Brushes

Solitary People

Add mystery and a dramatic story line by placing one of these 50 solitary people into your images.


Bring life to a landscape, portrait, or sunset image with these 60 bird photoshop brushes.

People in Action

Add action and dimension to your images with these 50 people in action brushes.



Add drama and depth to your portraits with these high-resolution 24 cityscape backgrounds.

Brick & Mortar

Spice up your images with these 12 brick and mortar backgrounds.


Replace a mundane background with one of 12 beautiful landscape images from Joel Grimes.

Shadow Overlays


These fun to use interior shadows make any interior shot completely new and amazing. Choose from 39 different shadow overlays.


This pack contains 37 exterior shadow overlays, when paired with Photoshop’s Neural Filter it is one of the most powerful ways to create dramatic composites.

Foreground Elements


Easily add texture and dimension to your portraits with these 72 elements.


These 92 drag-and-drop foreground elements immediately add vibrance and depth.


Easily turn any window into a magical portal to a wintery wonderland with 90 frost overlays.

Petals & Flowers

These 307 floating drag-and-drop, easy-to-use elements immediately embellish any image.


Any image could use a touch of whimsy and wonder from these 15 rainbow overlays.


Over 70 grass overlays to quickly and easily layer grass into the foreground of your images.

Light Effects

Light Rays

Adding atmosphere and dramatic light to your images with these 153 light ray overlays.

Lens Flares & Light Leaks

87 different light leaks and flares that are guaranteed to improve any portrait or composite.

Sparkle Overlays

Add 122 realistic sparkle effects to your composites and portraits in just a few clicks.

Bonus Masterclass!

In this full-length Masterclass, follow Professional Retoucher Kristina Sherk as she walks you through all the fundamentals you need to know to create better composites in Photoshop. Watch the video for a sneak peek!


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Start transforming your images into breathtaking masterpieces. With our limited-time offer of just $37 (retail price: $1,954), now is the perfect time to upgrade your creative toolbox. Almost 1300 effects!


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Customer Testimonials

- Ken D.
"I love the tools but especially the class! I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. Thanks to Kristina for making a complex thing so easy to understand.”

- Kristin O.
"I always thought using tools was a cheat. Now I wouldn’t know how to exist without them. Every image I work on uses multiple tools I got in this bundle. Thank you!!"

- David V.
"I was skeptical…I’ve purchased big bundles before only to find they were filled with useless tools. But this bundle is on another level! No filler. All bangers!"

- Thomas G.
"This bundle is awesome! Not only is it the biggest compositing collection I’ve ever seen, but everything inside is so powerful. My art has come leaps and bounds!!"

- Alex L.
"I’ve always been a bit scared of using tools like these. But wow, not only are they super easy to apply, the final look on my photos is epic! I’m really happy I took the leap on this one!"