Create Atmosphere Effects in Photoshop with ease!

Install over 680 atmosphere effects in Photoshop making it fun and easy to turn flat images into dramatic works of art.
Atmosphere Designer™ includes 15 collections of atmosphere plugins such as Dramatic Rays, Fog, Dust, Haze, Smoke, Directional Light and so much more.
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Atmosphere Designer™: Easy but Pro

Play with Atmosphere Effects

Adding rays of light, a puff of smoke, or some atmospheric fog is as easy as drag-and-drop. With Atmosphere Designer™ you can add mist or a haze that hangs over the landscape or add depth by creating sources of light that shine through tiny atmospheric particles.

Hassle-free Installation

Atmosphere Designer™ was designed for Adobe Photoshop on both Mac and Windows computers. After your simple installation, you'll have access to hundreds of powerful tools directly in Photoshop. Add atmospheric tools to your arsenal that will change your workflow forever.

Intuitive User Experience

Atmosphere Designer™ puts hundreds of effects right into Photoshop making it user-friendly to use at any time. Simply select an effect you want to add, and voila! It also comes with some tutorials to help you take your art to the next level.

Adjustable Filters

Make these effects match your vision with a wide variety of customization options. Adjust how the effects interact with your art going from full fled strength to mild adjustments making the tools work exactly as you want it.

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Atmosphere Designer™ Sneak Peak

Atmosphere Designer™ comes with tools to create over 680 effects in Photoshop.

30 Depth Effects

120 Directional Light Effects

36 Dusty Light Ray Effects

123 Mist & Smoke Effects

120 Atmospheric Light Effects

84 Atmospheric Effects

60 Nebulosity Effects

30 Fog & Haze Effects

86 Dust & Drama Effects

Customer Support

Get any question answered with our dedicated support team. We'll help you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter. We're here to ensure your experience with Atmosphere Designer™ is seamless and enjoyable.




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Customer Testimonials

- Steph Y.
"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these effects!"

- Kylie A.
"I’ve always been a bit nervous to purchase tools like this. But wow, not only are they super easy to apply, the final look on my photos is epic!"

- Sarah A.
"This set of tools is by far the best quality I’ve seen. Also an amazing price point for the huge selection. Cheers!"

- Carl E.
"I'm not a Photoshop expert by any means, but Atmosphere Designer has made it easy for me to add professional-looking effects to my photos."

- Kyle H.
"I was skeptical about purchasing the Atmosphere Bundle at first, but I'm so glad I did. The brushes and overlays are amazing, and I've been able to create some truly stunning photos using them. Highly recommended!"